The Coyote File

In 2020, the Russian Crisis begins when the CIA secretly assassinates President Vladimir Putin. A few short years later the Russian Federation collapses.


45 years later, President Benny Bright of the National Republic of America (NRA) orders Fort McHenry to support the Narodist insurgency in Russia in order to oust Siberia’s government for refusing to grant Bright Enterprises access to its water. The insurgency’s ruthless and calculative Commander Mila Zharkova coordinates with America’s Vice President Vicent Biggs, and promises to remove Siberia’s government in her campaign to restore Russia’s status as a global power.

As the Narodists solidify their control over Central Russia with the NRA’s help, the Narodist and American regimes begin to crack down on their autonomous global zones for turning towards each other for support in spite of national restrictions. As a response, influential leaders in the global zones, such as RegalTech’s CEO Cassidy King, publicly support the Global Intelligence and Security Agency (GISA) to protect the global zones from their hostile host nations and to secure greater autonomy. When GISA redirects resources to its new mission to protect Moscow from Narodist aggression, an intelligence war begins.

Meanwhile, the Narodists incursions through the Urals become a major concern for the Pack of Wolves, a secret military team based in Siberia. While some in the Pack advocate for neutrality, others including its leader Alpha Volikov side with Bagha – a cybernetic Siberian veteran, who asks the Pack of Wolves to take a stand against incursions that threaten the lives of the millions of former refugees that have made Siberia their home. As the debate within the Pack intensifies, a conspiracy threatens to overthrow its leadership.

In the midst of these events a member of the Pack of Wolves returns to Siberia after being separated from the Pack for nine years in America. He begins his role as Coyote, a covert operative assigned to work with Bagha and the Pack on the front line against the Narodists. Meanwhile in Moscow, Allison King – the celebrity daughter of RegalTech’s CEO, and Andrei Volodin – the young CFO of Kremlin Corp., continue to keep secrets from each other while they try to maintain their relationship. Allison cannot tell Andrei that she is working in Moscow as an undercover GISA agent, and behind Allison’s back Andrei continues his affair with Commander Zharkova.

All of them have felt the current of 2066’s political climate, but little do any of them know one murder will drive that current to reshape their lives forever.
To be continued…